The Air Curler Gives You the Style You Want Without the Damage

 - Apr 18, 2014
References: youtube & aircurler
The Air Curler is an innovative device that gives you perfect ringlet curls without heat, breakage or drying out your hair. The tool attaches to any size hair-dryer and when you put a section of your hair in the cup and turn on the dryer, a tornado-like motion spins to dry and curl your hair perfectly.

Whatever style you’re going for, the Air Curler’s unique curling attachment guarantees soft, bouncy curls without the downside of breakage and heat damage. You don’t need to use special hairsprays, serums, or gels, this product is able to give you that shiny, freshly curled look that will last all day.

The Air Curler works so fast you’ll save so much time getting ready in the morning. At the affordable price of $14.99, this easy-to-use tool is what every girl needs!