- Apr 21, 2014
Many women invest large sums in hair styling tools to achieve perfectly styled locks or they just want to avoid a constant trip to the salon. This list of tools will help you get the distinctive look you want.

Some of you may be looking for a more natural curl rather than the voluminous ringlets many curling irons create. The Beachwaver will help make the perfect beach-ready locks because it is an innovative curling iron that rotates in both directions. And if your hair is becoming damaged from all the hot tools, the Agave Healing Vapor Styling Iron is better suited for you. The iron allows you to still continue the hair styling, but soothes and heals your strands with its agave-infused plates while you do so.

Other innovative stylers are included in this list, so whether you want curls, straightened stresses or a fluffy blowout, you can find out which one is best for you.

From Hands-Free Hair Dryers to Beach-Ready Curling Irons: