The Magic Comb Easily Releases Tangled Locks From its Bristly Grip

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: yankodesign
The majority of people don't find it fun to grab and rip entwined tresses on their hair brushes in order to clean it, but the task is necessary for ensuring that the implement remains an effective styling tool. The Magic Comb makes this process a great deal easier, requiring just one hand to operate and promising to molt all dead hair collected to date.

Su-in Kim and Kim Tae-Jin's invention is a spiral-style groomer with fine cushion-tipped bristles that wrap 360 degrees around. Just between this section and the handle, a smooth metallic dial is integrated, requiring just a flick of the thumb to activate. This causes the core of the Magic Comb to rotate and the quills to bend and retract inside. Give the detangler a shake and the knotted nest will simply fall off.