Jean-Baptistse Fastrez Creates a Basic Timber Dryer

This caveman-styled blow dryer created by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez takes basic hair tools to a new level.

Each hair dryer has a main body that is manufactured industrially, making this frankensteined hair dryer a fusion of traditional and non-traditional. The designer comments on this modern old-school blending by saying that, " The hair dryer being a contemporary tool, it is interesting to confront it to this crafting tradition and try to pass on its traditional values...each handle is made by craftmen and adapts to the technical body. It completes it esthetically but can also change its usage, by suggesting a new way of holding it." This 'Tomahawk' blow dryer by Jean-Baptist certainty pushes the boundaries on fusing modern and old aesthetics, and the result is definitely intriguingly stunning.