From Gun-Shaped Phones to Ninja Star USB Keys

 - Mar 29, 2012
Putting a little Rambo into one’s daily routine is becoming easier and safer than ever before with the plethora of basically harmless weaponized accessories on the market.

Anyone wanting to feel like a bad ass, without actually having to get caught in a life-threatening situation, can get their fix without getting blown to bits by using everyday items that have been infused with weapons.

Artillery and ammunition have been transformed into everything from pens to musical instruments. These innovations are so popular because, really, who wouldn’t feel tough-as-nails while shooting a cup of joe down their gullet from a coffee maker that looks like a machine gun? 

Although these basically harmless weaponized accessories won’t do any real damage (aside from maybe firing some unappreciated spitballs or scaring the pants off the ultra gullible) they give the illusion that the person who owns them is not to be messed with.