The Germany Military Surplus Utensil Set Lets You Eat Like a Roughneck

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: shop.coolmaterial & coolmaterial
Next time you decide to go camping to rough it out in the wilderness, take the Germany Military Surplus Utensil Set with you and man-up with these no-fuss tools.

The Germany Military Surplus Utensil Set is exactly how it sounds. There's no slick design here and there aren't contemporary forms. Nope, with these set of tools you're going to eat like a man just like soldiers did when they went out and fought the war. The set comes with a spoon, knife and a can opener that all locks together for easy storage and portability. These are legitimate as well, so you would be using real militant supplies that were being utilized back in the day. So while you may not know what Grandpa went through in the war, you can probably figure out what it was like eating with these tools -- minus the gun shots.