Battle the Undead with the Badass Louisville Decapitron

 - Nov 6, 2011
References: gordsgarage.wordpress & hackaday
With a name like Louisville Decapitron, I can't see why you wouldn't consider using this hacker against the undead should the zombie apocalypse descend.

Guns will run out of bullets, so having a melee weapon on hand is always a good thing when you're fighting zombies to survive. The Louisville Decapitron is exactly what everyone needs to hold off a small horde. Gord and his friend used an old baseball bat and mounted it with a 20-inch blade with a few spacers and bolts. The result is this medieval monstrosity of a weapon that you can either beat the undead senseless on one side, or simply decapitate on the other. The blade does bring some weight, but consider it endurance training.

The Louisville Decapitron is a prototype, so I can't wait to see what improvements the guys make.