Represent Your District with Hunger Games Gear

 - Nov 22, 2013
Just in time for the release of Catching Fire, this Hunger Games gear will ensure that no matter what arena you're fighting in, you will bring pride to your District.

Modern technology has made living fail-proof, but if we ever lose the convenience our 21st-century lifestyle we'll soon find ourselves unable to provide ourselves with life's most basic necessities. Whether it's being able to make a fire, having the proper tools to hunt, build or defend yourself with or even having access to clean air, your Hunger Games gear will ensure your ready for the apocalypse.

Regardless of what dystopian nightmare we one day find ourselves in, we'll always need the basic elements of life: food, water, air and a giant machete so people know not to mess with you. Good luck out there and may the odds be ever in the your favor.