The Skadi ABS Avalanche Backpack Increases the Likelihood of Survival

 - Apr 1, 2013
References: oysteinhusby & tuvie
The designer of the Skadi ABS Avalanche Backpack asserts that the best way to survive a snow slide is "not to get buried at all." Øystein Helle Husby has thus come up with a clever Vanguard bag that integrates an innovative airbag system for keeping the wearer afloat.

In the instance of an avalanche, a ski patroller can pull the airbag ejection handle that's tucked behind a zipper in the left strap. This would supposedly increase one's buoyancy and keep him above the billowing top layer of snow. If the wearer does manage to find himself trapped underneath, the expanded Skadi ABS Avalanche Backpack will have increased the area of the pocket that he occupies. Ample First Aid materials would be stashed in the sack for dealing with injuries on the spot.