Jeff Burnette Creates Uniquely Glass Blown 'Raygunz'

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: joeblowglassworks & neatorama
Who would have ever thought that the traditional art of glass blowing could have ever given birth to a collection of futuristic firearms as seen in Jeff Burnette's collection. Clearly inspired by classic science fiction literature, movies and TV shows, Jeff Burnette's Raygunz series looks just like the weapons used in those now-retro worlds.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jeff Burnette's delicate glass work happens to actually look like the rayguns they are shaped as. Yet, careful handling is still required considering that these aren't actually toys or guns, but art.

As one of the leading glassblowers in Canada, Jeff Burnette crafts these intricate creations using a very detailed, painstaking process that puts all digital forms of art to shame.