- Jun 13, 2013
Coca Cola is undeniably one of the largest soda companies in the world, and these intriguing Coke products allow soda fans to reflect over all of the things that have been done to (or with) Coke products over the years.

These incredible Coke products include the many different costume changes that Coke bottles and cans have gone through over the years, from posh pop cans to retro gaming cans. However, there have been a lot of impressive products made out of recycled Coke containers and caps as well. These products also include things like soda cap couture, bottle cap murals, and recycled soda can earbuds.

Coca Cola is a clever company that is constantly changing its brand and its approach to marketing. From slim vending machines to heart string-tugging Coke commercials, this soda company keeps things new and interesting.

From Slim Vending Machines to Split Soda Packaging: