Chris Woods Paints Fast Food Companies in a Holier Light

Canadian artist Chris Woods has a fantastic series of consumer-based paintings that portray fast food employees as godly individuals. These paintings include the soft serve experts from Dairy Queen, the burger buffs from McDonald’s and the grill masters from Burger King. These colorful paintings put a noble twist on a generally undesirable profession.

This New Brunswick-born artist focuses most of his works on consumerism and the affect it has on society. He’s also done some interesting Coke-versus-Pepsi paintings, one of which looks like a West Side Story adaptation revolving around sugary sodas. Woods creates the feel of godliness in these works by doing things like painting drive-thru employees with angel wings, kneeling over hungry civilians. One of these clever paintings portrays a customer being baptized in ice cream by the good folks at Dairy Queen.

These intriguing art works get the audience to look at the fast food industry in a whole new light.