From Boozy Vino Cupcakes to Wine-Infused Popcorn Snacks

 - Dec 16, 2014
These wine flavoring examples range from boozy vino cupcakes to wine-infused popcorn snacks that feature an unlikely ingredient. A glass of wine is a great way to compliment a home-cooked meal or fancy appetizer. While most wines come with recommended food pairings, these wine flavoring examples are a tad more unexpected.

Standouts from this list include alcoholic dessert recipes along with popcorn snacks that are enriched with wine flavoring. Other favorites include fast food wine pairings that work best when downed with a cheeseburger meal or cola-flavored wines that blend the sweet and carbonated soda with one's favorite aged grape blend.

In addition to unique wine flavoring examples, this list also includes meaty wine branding examples that are reflective of a blend's compatibility with a carnivorous meal.