This Vampire Merlot is Been Made for the Bloodthirsty Connoisseur

 - May 14, 2013
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These Dracula-inspired wines are perfect for the vampire fanatic. What better time could there be to order a Dracula-inspired vino than to celebrate the new Dracula movie staring Luke Evans and Jonathon Rhys-Myers is set to launch Summer 2014? These Dracula-inspired wines come in a wide selection, but the 'Vampire Merlot' is the favorite and the top seller for the brand Vampire vineyards in Paso Robles, California.

This Vampire Merlot is harvested during a time where the climate is cool in the coastal vineyards at the southern end of California's Central Coast’s Paso Robles viticultural district, just off of the Morro Bay and Pacific Ocean. This unique climate makes for an amazing wine that is irresistible to humans, like blood to vampires.

This wine is not only a fun novelty brand, but it is also a high-quality enjoyable vino that makes the perfect gift for the vampire enthusiasts and anyone looking for a good wine.