This Wine Popcorn Flavor is Something You Should Try at Least Once

 - Jun 29, 2013
References: populencenyc & foodiggity
The wine-injected popcorn flavor from Populence is definitely something worth trying, at least once.

People are making popcorn flavors out of almost anything nowadays. It's both interesting and a little disgusting, but the human palate was made to explore new flavors -- if it wasn't then chocolate chip cookies never would've been created! The popcorn makers of Populence partnered with New Zealand winemaker Kim Crawford to create the 'Sauvignon Blanc Lemon' and the 'Pinot Noir Drizzle' popcorn infused with wine. The result of this flavorful marriage is a zesty mixture of wine and crunch that'll appeal to the taste buds of some people.

The wine-infused popcorn flavor is something a person can serve to their more affluent friends to see if their silver tongues can accommodate such a refined popcorn flavorings.