- Feb 27, 2015
From unconventional pairings to unusual places, these ways to drink wine are definitely not the norm. If you've grown tired of quiet nights at home with a fine wine, there are plenty of tasting tours that will get you out of the house and set up on a train, airplane, bicycle or even a pair of snowshoes. As a testament to how well it takes care of teeth, some New York City dentists are even serving free red wine to patients.

For those who are looking to find more adventure in flavor and less in location, some unusual wine pairings include chocolate, potato chips and fast food meals. Vinos by Archer & Vine take this concept to the next level by branding its wines by the item it is meant to be consumed with—such as The Battered Fish, a rosé that pairs well with fish and chips.

From Snowshoeing Wine Tours to Unlikely Alcohol Pairings: