Wine2Go is a Great Way to Make On-the-Go Consumption Easier

 - Oct 13, 2014
References: amazon & hiconsumption
Enjoying a nice glass of wine while out and about can be challenging, since carrying the bottle around can be burdensome, which is why Wine2Go is here to make enjoying these beverages much more efficient.

Enjoying a nice alcoholic drink during picnics or concerts is a great way to enhance the experience, but in reality, bringing a class bottle to a specific venue is either prohibited or just not convenient to carry. Wine2Go however, is a cleverly designed wine flask that mimics the shape of an ordinary wine bottle. Plastic in form, this carrier is able to hold an entire bottle of wine and can be easily transported from one location to another.

Able to fold and bend as you desire, Wine2Go is a fun and practical way to enjoy your favorite beverage while on-the-go.