From Curved Bottle Perches to Rustic Wine Rack Accessories

 - Nov 10, 2015
These whimsical wine rack designs provide beautiful ways for consumers to display their favorite bottles. When it comes to storing wine, many people choose to keep their bottles out of sight. These beautiful bottle holders provide consumers with a more stylish storage solution.

One of the difficulties of storing wine is that the bottles can take up a great deal of space. In order to maximize storage space, many designers have come up with unique ways of stacking bottles. For example, there are rustic wine rack accessories that can be used to lay bottles flat on their side. There are also staircase-integrated wine racks that make use of an awkward space.

For those who want to display their favorite bottles out in the open, there are a number of wine racks that are stylish enough to add to any space. These contemporary wine rack designs are characterized by sleek materials and modern shapes. Some of these contemporary bottle holders include 3D wine racks, curved bottle perches and sculpted steel wine rests.