Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and Miss Vickie's Make the Perfect Couple

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: missvickies & woodbridgewines
Unwind Together is the pairing of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and Miss Vickie's potato chips -- and it's putting a romantic twist on date nights. Whether you're cuddling with your special guy or gal after a long day's work, or enjoying a movie marathon together, this pairing is as wonderful as the two of you.

Enjoy a sophisticated glass of one of the remarkable flavors of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi as you savor the crunch of Miss Vickie's toasty chips. Unwind Together has wonderfully paired the flavors together so your wine will suit your crispy snack perfectly. There's a taste for every mood! 'FEEL LIKE A FANTASY' pairs Cabernet Sauvignon with the Original chip flavor, and 'CARE FOR A COMEDY' combines Pinot Grigio with Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar.

So if you 'DARE FOR SOME DRAMA' or you're 'REELING FOR REALITY TV,' you'll get the sweetest feeling in your tummy as you snuggle your honey.