From Alcoholic Candy Combination Charts to Wine Pairing Posters

 - Jan 22, 2016
Whether you're sipping on a glass of vino or you just cracked open a cold beer, these alcohol pairing guides will enhance any drinking experience. There are a variety of simplified infographics that determine the best snack to nibble on depending on exactly which wine you've selected.

There are also apps that guide consumers through a series of questions in order to best reveal which cheese suits a particular beer. Websites are also being created to cater to consumers by featuring different wine and meal combinations each day, which is meant to bring inspiration to consumers and home cooks. There are even alcohol pairing classes that fuse education with leisure activities in order to satisfy the curiosity of consumers.

In addition, co-branding opportunities have evolved through pairings as well. This is evident through the collaborative relationship between 'Woodbridge' wines and 'Miss Vickie's' chips. No matter what you're drinking, there is always a perfect snack to banish any sweet or savory cravings.