This Store Encourages Customers to Sample Products Before They Buy

'Cheese+Provisions' is a Denver-based cheese shop that encourages customers to sample products before they buy. While most grocery stores provide the occasional free sample, this is largely done on a promotional basis. This store gives consumers an opportunity to try any of its hand-crafted goods before making a purchase.

Cheese+Provisions is an artisan cheese shop operated by Steve and Kim Duty. Steve is a professional cheesemonger who has operated his own cheese-making operation. With his ties to the local creameries, Steve is able to sell hand-crafted cheeses that are not found in traditional grocery stores. To encourage customers to taste the hand-selected offerings, the store offers samples, onsite cheese boards and pre-selected alcohol pairings. There is even a Cheese of the Month Club that showcases different varieties.

By allowing customers to sample products from local vendors, Cheese+Provisions provides a more interactive way for customers to learn about Denver's cheese-making community.