This Cheat Sheet Shows the Best Beer and Cheese Couplings

 - Jul 31, 2015
References: seriouseats
Although it is traditional to indulge in wine and cheese, these beer and cheese pairings are a creative way to change up old routines.

This guide, presented by Serious Eats, outlines a few key steps to follow when selecting beer and cheese couplings. The key to pairing these two items is finding a similar flavor intensity. For example, a Belgian wheat beer is easy to drink with a light flavor, so the cheese best served with this brew is a fresh portion of goat cheese. Amber ales sit in a completely different category because they are much better paired with the likes of aged, nutty cheeses. Those who fancy a rich blue cheese will find that it pairs perfectly with an Indian Pale Ale. These IPA beverages tend to be filled with intense hops, which is a divine match for the bold flavor of the blue cheese variety.

These three tips are outlined as simple guidelines to follow when pairing cheese and brews together. This adventurous alternative to wine and cheese is a great way to explore different tastes.