This Wine Aerator and Chiller Pours the Perfect Glass Pinot in No Time

 - Jan 13, 2015
References: quirky
It's time for a drink, but you haven't been keeping your fine white wine in the refrigerator. Don't panic! This wine aerator and chiller has been designed to meet all of your oenophile needs instantly. It won't matter if you keep your wine collection in a cellar, in a fridge or on a sunny countertop, because this clever invention can quickly create the perfect sipping experience.

Made to mimic the shape of a stemless wineglass, the Quirky Icecap can be rested on top of any drinking vessel. Slowly pour your white or red wine into the tiny appliance; it will dispense through the bottom at just the right temperature with its flavors fully activated. A vino can immediately drop up to 10 degrees with this wine aerator and chiller, so long as you remember to keep it in the freezer between uses.