The 'Hilltop Re-Imagined for Coca Cola' Ad Modernizes an Old Commercial

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: youtube & fastcocreate
As part of Coca Cola's 'Open Happiness' initiative and Google's 'Re-Brief' project, an idealistic 1970s Coke commercial has been updated in this 'Hilltop Re-Imagined for Coca Cola' campaign.

The original Hilltop commercial features a group of Coke-lovers congregated on a hilltop, proclaiming their perpetual wish to buy the world a coke. In light of today's social media's capabilities and technology, the 'Hilltop Re-Imagined' campaign reboots this concept into reality. With the help of some custom-enabled vending machines and the power of our smartphones, a Coke do-gooder can spread some love by buying a coke via mobile, then send it to one of many locations around the world. A passerby will notice that a vending machine inviting them to take the gifted Coke, complete with a personalized message from the sender. The sender will eventually receive a video clip showing the pleasant surprise spreading on an unsuspecting receiver's face.

The feel-good ad has won a Mobile Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions.