Damian Ortega Makes Art Out of Recycled Coca Cola Bottles and Caps

 - Nov 10, 2009
References: gregcookland & boxvox.net
'120 Days' by Damian Ortega was a collaboration between the Mexican artist and Italian glassblowers. The piece uses 120 Coca Cola bottles that have been morphed and warped and combines them with Ortega's other inspirations: the de Sade novel 'The 120 Days of Sodom' and to the film Salò.

'120 Days' by Damian Ortega is meant to inspire the viewer to ask, "Who are we? What are we thinking? What is our own relationship with the objects within society or the context."

Not one to let anything go to waste Ortega fashioned the remaining bottle caps from '120 Days' into the piece 'Molecula de Glucosa Expandidais.'