- Feb 20, 2014
It's Rihanna's birthday, and what more could this Island superstar ask for than a few of these fabulous Rihanna-esque finds?

Rihanna is already in possession of killer style, dynamic dance moves and a rocking stage presence, but the girl who has everything could always use a little more. Celebrating her 26th birthday, Rihanna still manages to give the fans all the radical Rihanna they crave and brush off the haters like pesky dust on her shoulders. Since the beginning of her career --at the young age of sixteen-- the world has been celebrating Rihanna's birthday right along with her for ten years.

A good girl gone bad still deserves to shine bright like a diamond on her big day and pour it up for many more birthdays to come.

Pour It Up with These Gifts for Rihanna's Birthday: