This 877 Jewelry is Casual Chic

 - Jan 24, 2014
References: & 877.bigcartel
With this casual handcrafted leather bracelet, Germany-based jewelry label 877 proves once again that the details of a product are the key for a simple but bold look.

Denim blue yarn is pulled by a few stitches through the thick natural brown leather. The closure is a small shiny polished aluminium knob, which fits perfectly to the rough character of the bracelet. The aluminum knob can be customized on request with two letters to give the bracelet a personal touch and make it a perfect gift.

The bracelet is crafted by Sylvia and Daniel Janssen from metal to leather works. The closure is turned on a lathe from 1928, the leather strap is cut and finished with hand tools and stitched by hand. This is traditional craftsmanship, which has been elegantly transported to the present through its simplicity in design.