From Returnable Bridesmaid Attire to Iconic Movie Vehicle Rentals

 - Mar 18, 2015
The sharing economy and an increased number of peer-to-peer platforms offers an abundance of opportunity when it comes to establishing new renting services. These startups cover traditional rentals like living space and vehicles and expand into more specific items, like fashion, gadgets and kid's toys.

Clothing renting services are gaining traction, for example menswear rental subscriptions, unused clothing rental services and online tuxedo deliveries. If you have expensive interests, there are many niche sharing schemes. Cooking appliance rentals, camping gear rentals and technology rental apps are all evidence of this. Some new ventures focus on sharing more than the renting aspect, like shared washer subscriptions or municipal equipment trading.

When it comes to transportation and spaces, P2P rentals include van delivery services, bike sharing programs and business travel rental services.