GearCommons is a Network Where You Can Rent Outdoor Equipment as Needed

 - Oct 7, 2014
References: gearcommons & coolhunting
Camping is an activity that can be lots of fun, provided that you're prepared with the right equipment—unfortunately, this can get pretty expensive, but GearCommons' camping gear rentals saves you from having to purchase all your own gear. GearCommons works as a network where you can connect with other travelers, campers and hikers nearby to either rent out your own goods, or borrow from what somebody else has.

The concept for GearCommons was developed by James Rogers and Mike Brown when they were participating in a showshoe race and some of their friends who wanted to join in lacked the appropriate gear. Brown describes that "[People] are starting to value access over ownership. It has obvious positive impacts on the environment, because we’re consuming less, and it also positively impacts your wallet by only paying for gear when you need it as opposed to spending thousands up front to own it."