These Boyfriend Rentals Can Cost You an Arm and a Leg

 - Feb 9, 2014
References: taobao & cbc
A lot of young people feel the pressure to be in relationships as they grow older, but these boyfriend rentals can make that feeling obsolete.

The Lunar New Year has actually created a growth in the boyfriend rental business. These fake beaus can charge a young lady as much as an average monthly salary if they are meeting the parents. A dollar will get you a hug.

One of the Beijing-based rental boyfriend's Zhu Ruisen says that the Lunar New Year holiday is the peak time. Prices differ depending on the occasion. A shopping trip together can cost $10 per hour and a movie would depend on the genre. Holding hands will cost you $1 every time and kissing is negotiable. Before you think these boyfriend rentals are just a way for women to "hook-up" with men, there is actually no sexual relations involved.