The Louis Pik Pak Flat-Studded Sneakers Look Dangerous

There are studded sneakers and then there’s these Louis Pik Pak Flat high-tops.

The Christian Louboutin designers clearly have a thing for studs and spikes, and went all out on this pair of sneakers. They scream rock and roll with black on black colorways and an assortment of chrome spikes and studs. The shoes are made of premium leather, making the body more luxurious than your average sneaker. The spikes are colored to look like gun metal, adding an even edgier element to these aggressive kicks.

The spikes cover the entire toe section of the shoe as well as the side panelling, which makes these as much a hazard for your dancing partner as for those standing next to you on the bus. Then again, if you have over $1000 to drop on these studded sneakers, hopefully you’re not taking the bus anymore.