Coke Zero Wants Day After Super Bowl to be 'Magnificent Monday'

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: cocacolazero & brandchannel
If you're one of the 7 million Americans who didn't go to work today because you partied too much last night during the Super Bowl, Coke Zero is fighting for your right to stay home with its 'Magnificent Monday' campaign. According to the drink brand, while 7 million people called in "sick" today, another 4.4 million arrived at work late. So, why not make the day after the Super Bowl a holiday?

'Magnificent Monday' would allow Americans to enjoy the Super Bowl more knowing that the next day is a holiday. According to the campaign's press release, "This holiday is essentially already happening, but Coke Zero is leading the charge to make it official." Plus, allowing Americans to enjoy the Super Bowl will contribute to the nation's well-being -- much more so than, say, Columbus Day, which Coke Zero's cheeky ad exclaims, "What is Columbus Day? He was lost, and he thought America was India, but it's not -- it's America!"

For people who want Magnificent Monday to turn into a real holiday, you can tweet your ideas on how to make it into a reality by using the hashtag #magmonday and visiting the Coke Zero website.