The Coca-Cola Bag is a Brilliant Solution

 - Jul 6, 2012
References: coca-cola & psfk
Addressing a curious issue in El Salvador, the Coca-Cola bag is an ingenious solution to the issue of expensive glass bottles.

Noticing a trend that most consumers in the country could not afford to buy the drink in a returnable glass bottle, and instead taking their soda in disposable bags, Coke decided to capitalize on the problem and make the best of the issue. Creating its own biodegradable plastic bags, which were shaped like the classic coke bottle with the logo on front, the brand created a solution which improved the customer experience for buyers.

To promote its clever response to the problem, Coke released an accompanying video explaining the bottle-shaped bags. Giving even more visibility to this ingenious solution, this is a crisis handled very well by the ever-popular cola brand.