Coca-Cola's 'Small World Machines' Connects Indians and Pakistanis

 - May 22, 2013
References: coca-colacompany & adverblog
With a strained relationship between India and Pakistan, The Coca-Cola Company saw fit to intervene with 'Small World Machines.' With one vending machine in each country, the Coke-dispensing devices encourage citizens of each country to interact with each other. Each vending machine has a giant touchscreen and a camera to project your image to the other machine.

Coca-Cola's vending machine doesn't ask for change. Instead, it asks that you complete simple tasks with someone playing on the complementing machine. Upon the completion of all tasks, the machine dispenses a can of Coke as a reward.

The game starts with 'joining hands' where you place your hand in the same location as the other person. Other tasks include tracing peace signs, hearts and smiley faces. By the end, you should have made a new friend in another country.