The 'Coca-Cola in the Movies' Infographic Proves Why Coke is King

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: anyclip & dailyinfographic
The 'Coca-Cola in the Movies' infographic demonstrates why this beverage giant is number one in pop culture influence. Product placement, when done right, is impacting, yet subtle, which prevents potential consumers from ratting out your blatant call-to-action.

The iconic soda has been spotted in a number of historic cult films such as King Kong and Bonnie and Clyde. Since 1933, Coca-Cola has interjected subtle ads for its products into movie productions. Everything from billboards to bottles have been referenced or strategically placed in these cinematic scenes. The soft drink mogul has greater influence in the film industry than both Apple and Toyota. It is no wonder why this classic soda has withstood the test of time and still remains one of the most recognized beverages across the globe.

Although its major competitor Pepsi was founded 10 years after Coca-Cola, its first movie appearance was 60 years after Coca-Cola.