These Innovations Will Get You Excited for the Spider-Man Sequel

 - Dec 10, 2013
The trailer for the Amazing Spider Man sequel got fans super excited for the film, which is set to release in May 2014. The trailer features surreal scenes of Spider Man soaring through the sky on his web trails and saving lives as his voice narrates over the introduction. The theme music will send chills down your spine and goosebumps up your arms.

Pieces of the narrative are teasingly strung together about Spider-Man's newly discovered challenges and the arrival of some seriously sinister villains. The beautiful Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, also makes an appearance in the trailer as Peter Parker's love interest.

The trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel is so intense. It's bound to give hope to critics who were disappointed with the previous Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, especially with the the new villains.