This Infographic asks 'What Famous Photographer Are You?'

 - May 12, 2012
References: newmediarockstars & bitrebels
This infographic titled, 'What Famous Photographer Are You,' by NewMediaRockStars compares common Instagram practices and habits with the artistic styles and personal quirks of famous photographers.

If you're into landscapes, you are most like Ansel Adams, according to the chart. In contrast, if you're a pasty purist then apparently Andy Warhol is your inspiration. The infographic purports that those who take pictures at events are most similar to Weegee and furthermore that, "you are a creeper and have the intuition of spiderman."

Beyond the humor and pretensions of fame this chart entertains, it is a clever branding and marketing tactic from its authors at NewMediaRockStars. It positions the website as a thought-leader who is savvy and comfortable enough with its field that it can let loose and snap a few quips.