From At-Home Career Illustrations to Self-Starter Job Charts

 - Mar 3, 2015
For those diligent, self-employed people out there, freelance infographics can serve as supportive resources, reminding you that––despite appearances––you are not alone. Home-based employees swap suits for pajamas and face-to-face conversations for emails, forming a working environment that truly assumes its own distinctive attitude and culture.

Some of these freelance infographics reveal the stats behind closed doors, demonstrating that a third of companies are now happy to have some of their staff work from home. Other images provide overviews of the best places, positions, products and setups for establishing anti-office workstations. Cartoons lay out the perks of productivity as they relate to couches, beds, kitchen tables, cafes and communal workspaces. Visual data describes the types of mobile worker jobs that are carried out, and asserts that most freelancers are quite well educated.

Next time you're feeling isolated by your remote occupation, remind yourself of your benefits and fellow contractors that make flexible projects so wonderful.