This Infographics Predicts the Death of the Office

 - Nov 8, 2014
References: intuit
The Death of the Office Infographic explores how technology will influence our future work spaces. It asks the question, "What does the workplace look like in a world where physical location has become unimportant, and where people are able to connect seamlessly from almost anywhere on the planet?"

To start, the infographic examines the rise of the telecommuter: a whopping 24% of the American workforce works from home today, compared to 4.4% in 2012. This trend is occurring in other countries as well; for example, France and the UK. People aged 36-45 are most likely to work from home.

Statistics suggest that people can be anywhere from 11-20% more productive when working on creative tasks at home, a statistic that is supported by the majority of employers (90%), who believe that employee flexibility leads to greater results.