Alex Ryan Paints Humorous Images of Out of Place Characters

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: herochan
Most readers would have never thought to place Spiderman in the Matrix franchise, but that's exactly what makes these Alex Ryan illustrations enjoyable. He takes comic book heroes and game characters that are often taken too seriously and makes them fun again by placing them outside their usual context. Seeing the Hulk getting his tongue frozen to a flag pole is a welcomed lighthearted change from the usual gritty presentation of modern day graphic novels.

Alex Ryan parodies a variety of geeky things including the Legend of Zelda games, Star Wars and even Quentin Tarantino movies. His most striking image though is his rendering of Plastic Man in bed with six famous comic book females. If someone can get Catwoman and Wonder Woman to spend the night simultaneously, that in itself should be classified as a superpower.