The 'In Orbit' Exhibit Floats You 25 Meters Off the Ground

 - Jun 22, 2013
References: & mymodernmet
Using a giant three-ton steel web, Tomas Saraceno's 'In Orbit' helps you float 25 meters off the ground. Though you may never get to be Spiderman, In Orbit will at least let you experience the magic of stalking through a giant web. Saraceno's web was developed over the course of three years with the help of architects, biologists and engineers. The end result is a web that mimics that of a spider's while suspending you in mid-air.

Working with biologists, Saraceno studied the webs of spiders and how they're constructed. He then proceeded to create a web that stretches three floors of Dusseldorf, Germany's K21 Standehaus museum. As a result of the web's spider-mimicking properties, visitors have to act like arachnids and sense vibrations while moving through the malleable structure.