Cartoonist Ward Sutton Congressional Leaders into Cartoon Characte

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: lostateminor
Political cartoons are a witty addition to several major publications and cartoonist Warn Sutton takes things to the next level by creating hilarious congress comics.

Featuring President Obama and Mitt Romney, the comic turn the two figures into characters that resemble other notable figures in the cartoon world. Obama is transformed into vigilante crime fighter Spiderman, while Romney is drawn as ‘Mitt-o-Morpho’. Romney received the make-over as a comment on his flip-flop attitude he had during the 2012 Presidential election when he changed his mind on important debate topics.

The ‘Washington DC’ comic collection features a wide array of social commentaries regarding the Presidential debate and how the country has come to view each candidate after the race. Ward has been a strong commentator on the political world through his comics for quite some time and these latest illustrations continue his legacy as hilariously risqué.