Body Aid Solutions Wonders What Workout Each Hero Would Need

 - Sep 6, 2013
I bet you never knew each of your favorite superheroes had a specific workout plan for their body type. Body Aid Solutions has created an infographic to share the information.

Spiderman does a lot of upper-body and shoulder workouts, seeing as how he uses those parts the most with all the web-work. He also does lots of cardio. Obviously. Superman also does lots of upper-body workouts, but he really targets his abs and chest, because he needs those strong and firm for bouncing off bullets and flying.

The Hulk, well let's just say he spends a bit TOO much time at the gym. He works his whole body so he can smash things. Catwoman and Batman also make an appearance, showing their own workout techniques. Next time you hit the gym, use these heroes for inspiration. Maybe if you work out like Spidey, you'll be climbing up buildings like it's nothing.