Venom Body Paint is Incredibly Realistic

 - Sep 13, 2012
References: facebook & obviouswinner
Not much is known about this incredible Venom body paint piece, but at least audience members can feel comforted that if Venom exists, Spiderman most likely also exists -- to protect the people, of course. This incredible transformation was done by Devious Body Art, a company that is obviously talented at what it does.

The subject's burly muscles are the perfect canvas to bring Venom to life. Making the mouth and tongue come out of the subject's neck makse the work even more real and true to the classic Venom from Spiderman comics.

Other than freaking people out while walking down the street and showing off how good the artist who painted this work is, the only other appropriate places to go out looking like this would be Comic Con and Halloween. This Venom body paint design would have to win first prize at both.