From Panda-Themed Hotels to Bestial Lipstick Art

 - Jul 1, 2013
Adding a little cuteness to your wardrobe, food and home decor has never been easier with these panda products. As a seriously endangered species, pandas have occupied a place in the heart of animal activists for years. These products were all created to draw attention to this cause, so that the world does not have to say goodbye to pandas forever.

With these products, an entire panda-themed outfit could be created. A graphic tee with the face of a cute panda would act as the centerpiece, but could be accented with the panda backpack, which features a hood that comes down over the wearer's head to make them look like a panda. To top off the outfit, panda lovers could use some sweet panda kicks, which are covered in faux fur to emulate the soft white and black coats of Beijing pandas.

These products are wonderful examples of combining functional merchandise with a serious cause. With their support of pandas, hopefully these fashion and design products will help to lessen the endangerment of pandas, ensuring their existence in nature for the forseeable future.