WWF Bluefin Tuna Ads Want You to Give Tuna a Break

 - Apr 1, 2011
References: wwf.panda.org & ibelieveinadv
WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) is known for its global initiatives of conservation projects and restoration of the environment. Now, the WWF Bluefin Tuna Ads tell consumers of a new concern regarding a large Atlantic migratory fish at serious risk of extinction.

Provide sushi connoisseurs with its highly-prized, juicy flesh, this amazing sea species is badly overfished in the Mediterranean Sea. The print ads substitute the heads of these bluefin tunas with the face of a panda bear, gorilla and rhino to convey an important message. Through this fishy ad campaign, WWF aims to reduce the total allowable catch for East Atlantic and Mediterranean to up to 6,000 tonnes per year.

The WWF Bluefin Tuna Ads campaign is encouraging businesses in the food industry to not buy or sell this endangered species until a sustainable management plan is in place.