Artist SIT Depicts Portions of the Lovable Bear as Smoke Stacks

 - May 13, 2012
References: sitnie & monstereatsdesign.tumblr
Panda bears are universally loved, which is why it’s so easy to appreciate these paintings by artist SIT. The enigmatic image-maker has rendered a series that emulates calligraphic brushstrokes to produce visuals with the famed Chinese bear as its subject.

Not only does SIT accomplish this task with technical skills that are simply intimidating, but he also does so with style in spades. In particular, his jagged lines really emphasize the geometric shapes used in crafting the bears, but he also manages to maintain an organic overall look for his paintings. It’s a task that not every run-of-the-mill artist can accomplish.

For those unfamiliar, artist SIT was a digital creative working for commercial companies before becoming the prolific painter that he is today. He’s since had exhibits around the world and continues to remain a prominent force in the art world.