Panda Revolution Makes Propoganda Posters Cute and Cuddly

 - May 16, 2011
References: xiaobaosg.deviantart & mymodernmet
It is going to be hard for me to look at a panda and not think of a revolutionary after seeing Panda Revolution from Xiaobaosg. Xiaobaosg is a Singaporean artist who has taken vintage propaganda posters and made them look hilariously ridiculous by swapping out people for pandas.

Pandas are already one of nature's most awesome animals, but when you dress them up as revolutionaries, their cool factor is upped by 10. These posters are modeled after ones used in the former Soviet Union, China and the U.S., with most having a vintage Cold War look to them. My favorite posters are easily the Soviet Union-inspired ones, as there is just something about a panda dressed up as a cosmonaut that gets me every time.