The Spiderman Save-the-Date Card Sends Lovely Tingles Down Guests' Spines

 - Jul 24, 2011
References: reddit & technabob
Perhaps it's the Spiderman reboot that's got people all riled up, but one particular fan is already celebrating the web-slinger with his very own Spiderman save-the-date card. Of course, the Spiderman save-the-date is in fact for his wedding, but it's still pretty nifty to see the hype train for Spiderman already in full motion.

The Spiderman save-the-date card is in actuality a recreation of Amazing Spider-Man #131's cover, originally drawn by Gil Kane and inked by Frank Giacola. The artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, skillfully integrated his wife and himself into the cover in place of Aunt May and Dr. Octopus. Let's hope their wedding is much more successful than the one that takes place in the actual comic book.

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