The Spiderman vs. Batman Video Dukes it Out in Toronto

 - Jul 31, 2012
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The ‘Spiderman vs. Batman’ video celebrates the release of two summer blockbuster movies that are incidentally both comic-book inspired. The fiery confrontation personifies the long-standing battle between the head-butting franchises.

The showdown between the two heroes takes place in downtown Toronto streets. The characters are seen duking it out in a Pizza Pizza on Queen Street, verbally abusing each other in Dundas Square and having a pull-up competition on the Toronto Rocket. The hilarious video brings two characters from fictional and far away cities to the Canadian downtown hub. The duo’s looks are remixed to better fit Toronto culture as they are each seen armed with a Metropass and TTC tokens in hand.

The testy struggle between the movie franchises sparks a familiar debate and urges the citizens of Toronto to decide where their loyalties lie.